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  1. BEA Tuxedo® – Unlock the Spawning Capability For Both Generic Applications and the Peoplesoft™ Environment

    "Hot Off The Press!  This White Paper is so IMPORTANT we are calling it a RED PAPER!"

  2. Using NT Services for BEA Tuxedo® Domain Startup and Shutdown

  3. Exploring High Availability Issues with BEA Tuxedo® and Third Party High Availability Software

  4. Global Transactions - X/Open XA - Resource Managers

  5. Informix XA Configuration for BEA Tuxedo® System/T on the Windows NT Platform

  6. Tracking down ambiguous Tuxedo®/Oracle errors

  7. Developing E-Commerce Applications using BEA Weblogic Server 4.0.0 and Java Servlets

  8. BEA Tuxedo® FML32 Field Table Tid-Bits

  9. JSP Design Notes

  10. JavaBeans and EJB Primer

  11. Configuring a Heterogeneous Multi-Node Domain

Vendor Guides and References

  1. Sybase XA-Server Integration Guide for Tuxedo®

  2. Sun Docs - Java Transaction API (JTA)


   1.  NJ RUG May 2005

   2.  HEUG 2005 ABC of Troubleshooting Presentation

   3.  HEUG 2005 Encore TUX WLS Tuning Presentation


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